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"Empty document Found" error while sending a text file

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Below is the error I'm getting while I'm trying to send a txt file using a fiel adapter.

Channel FILE_TLE_Sender_SalesOrder_CC: Converted complete file content to XML format.

Channel FILE_TLE_Sender_SalesOrder_CC: Empty document found - proceed without sending message.

File "/data/TLE/XS1/inbound/850/Test_SalesOrder_3064_12-15-10.txt" deleted after processing.

On the Communication Channel this is what I have:

Recordset Name: DOCUMENT_ROOT


Key Field Name: keyfield

DOC_HEADER.fieldNames Value: keyfield,Source_System,Source_SUB_System,Source_Doc_Type,Source_Doc_Gen_Date,Source_Doc_Gen_Time,Source_Company,Source_Division,Source_Party_ID,Source_Ship_Location,Source_Sell_Location,Event_Name,Application_Program_File,Application_Program_Name,Destination_System,Destination_SUB_System,Destination_DOC_Type,Destination_Company,Destination_Division,Destination_Party_ID,Destination_Ship_Location,Destination_Sell_Location,Interchange_Control_Number,Group_Control_Number,Document_Control_Number,Date_Translated,Time_Translated,Primary_Key

DOC_HEADER.fieldFixedLengths Value: 30,30,30,30,10,4,30,15,30,20,20,8,30,30,30,30,30,30,15,30,20,20,10,10,10,10,4,30

DOC_HEADER.keyFieldValue Value: DOC_HEADER

DOC_HEADER.lastFieldsOptional Value: YES

DOC_HEADER.endSeparator Value: 'nl'

Then I have same pattern for PO_HEADER, TAX and so on....

Can someone tell me why this error is happening? I'm using the same exact parameters in another XI environment and there's no error there.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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check 'Recordset Name' in file sender adapter


the node name in the xml of your message interface.

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Shen, thanks for you reply.

Record set name is "DOCUMENT_ROOT" as it is in the xml input message.

Funny thing is that this input message works in another environment.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Maurice,

As per your error message, seems to be that the file is empty. If you have the message ID, then check in MDT. You would be able to identify whether the sent file is empty or not.

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Hi HareenKumar,

What is MDT?

The input message actually works great in another XI environment where I took this message from and trying to send the same message in this sandbox environment.

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> Channel FILE_TLE_Sender_SalesOrder_CC: Empty document found - proceed without sending message.

> Can someone tell me why this error is happening?

Maybe your source file is empty?

This is exact what the error message says.

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Thanks for replying stefan.

No, the source file is not empty. It's working in another xi-environment where i got the message from.