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"Could not retrieve metadata"

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I have two boxes: NW7.0 EP and IDES, been playing with Visual Composer for a while. It's ok to call RFC/BAPI from whithin the VC story board. But due to Web Dynpro limitation, I have to make VC call backend BAPI via Web Service.

So I have done some configuration tasks:

1. SAPGui -> pick a BAPI and create web service for it, release it.

2. cat get its WSDL at http://..../sap/bc/srt/rfc/Z_XXX?sap-client=800&.

3. EP visual admin -> Create DynamicWSProxies for this WS,

I have tried to put




(What the different ? both not working!!!)

4. What I can get now is I can see my "R3" in VC Find Data system list, and then I choose it, click search for groups

Nothing return !!!

then I go to defaultTrace log , found the cause is

Caused by: Element passed is not WSDLD Document !

I have tried lots of "guides" or article to make it work, but not so lucky. Maybe there are something I really don't understand such as "ADAPTIVE" web service, or "WSIL vs WSDL". Not sure why VC connectivity is so difficult.

Anybody can help ?

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Sounds nobody have ever hit the same issue which I cannot solve. So leave this thread as unanswered.