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Queue in ready state

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Hi All,

In my scenario i.e. ABAP Proxy to file, a client proxy is being used to post data into XI from SAP system.When ever a message is being posted from the SAP system it is getting locked in the SAP system and is in "Ready" state whe checked in sxmb_moni.Every time we need to manually unlock the queue on the SAP system to process the data.A similar problem occur for the server proxy also.The message is successfully parsing the XI server, but when it reaches the SAP system it is getting locked in "Ready" state.And if the queue is unlocked manually it is getting parsed successfully.

Are any configurations or settings need to done to handle the queues on either XI or SAP system before confiuring the interface.Can anybody help me in solving this.

Thanks in advance.


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In your system, the value of the parameter <rdisp/rfc_min_wait_dia_wp> is 20 while the number of dialog work processes is 18.There are no dialog work processes available for RFC requests.

Please check it out.


Aashish Sinha

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