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questions on web dynpro

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good afternoon,

We need some clarifications on the web dynpro :

1- comparison JSP and Webdynpro :

what is a webdynpro ?

what are the sap specificities of a webdynpro

(compared to a web screen developed by other tools)

is it only the way to develop with a graphical tool

web screens ?

2- comparison of webdynpro for Java and Webdynpro for


What is a Webdynpro for Java compared to a Webdynpro

for ABAP ?

Is a webdynpro for Java a web screen develop in Java

and a webdynpro for ABAP a web dynpro written in


Is the develop tool to generate a Webdynpro for

ABAP integrated in R3 ?

Is the Java environment necessary for a webdynpro for ABAP ?

What is the interest for a Webdynpro for ABAP ?

3- Can a webdynpro be develop with java development tool on the market (webspphere) instead of Netweaver development studio. What is the added value of Netweaver development studio compared to the other tool ?

Are there some limitations not using Netweaver development studio ?

Thanks for your help & rgds,

Isabelle Bodet

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Check this:



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Good afternoon,

Can you clarify this point :

We see in a presentation that the webdynpro for abap will be available in the was 640.

The WAS 640 is included in Netweaver 04.

And this is your contradictory answer :

Web Dynpro for Java is available with NetWeaver 04, Web Dynpro for ABAP will be delivered with future releases).

Can you help us to clarify ,

Thks & rgds,

Isabelle Bodet

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Hi Isabelle,

We postponed the delivery of Web Dynpro for ABAP. Web Dynpro for ABAP will not be part of NetWeaver 04, which means Web AS 6.40.

Hope that helps.

Best regards, Karin

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There will be <b>no</b> shipment of Web Dynpro ABAP in NetWeaver 04, and as such we are not discussion it, nor supporting it, in SDN at the moment.


Brian McKellar

Development Architect for Web Dynpro ABAP

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Hi Isabelle,

A lot of questions. Let me try to answer shortly:

1- Web Dynpro is SAPs new programming model in order to develop professional UIs for business applications. Compared to JSP and other UI technologies, Web Dynpro supports model-driven software developments, automatic data transport, screen management and screenflow, follows the MVC paradigm etc. With the combination of JSP and tag libraries such as HTMLB, you can even separate the presentation from the logic. However, the use of HTML tags, JSP tags and Scriptlet code demand great discipline when you develop Web applications, as otherwise the advantages of separating the presentation from the logic quickly disappear. Also, you are able to create reusable components.

What are the sap specificities of a webdynpro

(compared to a web screen developed by other tools)

is it only the way to develop with a graphical tool

web screens?

If I understand the question, no, you do not need to use the graphical tools of Web Dynpro. Developers have full control of the generated code at all levels of the development process. Usually you would use the graphical tools for about 80% during developing new UIs, the rest would be hand written code. That follows the strategy that less and less code is written by hand these days, and more and more is generated by modelling environments. The SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio is based on the open development framework Eclipse.

2- The difference is the generated code and the Development Environment the developer use (Java – SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio / ABAP – ABAP Workbench). The Java environment is not necessary if you only use the ABAP stack of the Web AS. If you decide to use Web Dynpro for Java or Web Dynpro for ABAP depends on the programming skills of your developers and when you want to start the project (Web Dynpro for Java is available with NetWeaver 04, Web Dynpro for ABAP will be delivered with future releases).

3- No, you can not use another development tool instead of the NetWeaver Developer Studio if you want to develop Web Dynpro applications. Web Dynpro is a Development environment which provides standard UI elements (table, tree, inputfields, etc.), Adobe integration, Office integration, specific user interface elements for mobile data collecting using a Pocket PC, such as BarCodeReader, RFIDReader or FunctionKey etc. Besides from that Web Dynpro delivers a runtime environment also. Not only that, Web Dynpro comes with a Java Development Infrastructure, which includes a Design Time Repository (for source-code management, tracking changes, maintains records of the component relationship, etc.) and a Component Build Service (which does the rebuilding based on the dependencies between components).

Hope, that answers your questions.

Please take as well a look at the Web Dynpro developer area for Weblogs, articles, information... or even better, download Sneak Preview II and learn Web Dynpro using the tutorials. Good speed!

Best regards, Karin