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Questions on 'Just Ask' in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

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Dear Experts,

SAP recently launched "Just Ask" for SAC tenants. While exploring its features, I have a few questions that I believe will help me understand its capabilities better.

  1. Contextual Awareness: Does "Just Ask" currently remember context from previous questions and answer new questions based on that context? I suspect this functionality is not yet available. If so, is there a roadmap for its inclusion?
  2. Customizable LLM Model: I understand "Just Ask" utilizes a large language model (LLM) in the background. Is it possible to train this model with my company's specific data to improve its understanding of our unique terminology and data landscape?
  3. "Just Ask" vs. "Joule": I've seen videos showcasing "Joule" and its functionality within the SAC environment. Could you clarify how "Joule" will differ from "Just Ask"? Will "Just Ask" remain available after "Joule" is introduced?
  4. Underlying LLM Model: Which specific LLM model powers "Just Ask"?



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Animikhc,
Thanks for these questions. I know many in SAP Analytics community have the same so its great that you give me the opportunity to answer these.


  1. Contextual Awareness: 
    Just ask is about NLQ, questions & answers, the context of previous questions is not used. This is one of the key values we expect from Joule. The conversation context will enable to iterate and not have to reset it in the next question. A context aware conversations will also  enable to ask the user to refine its questions and remove ambiguities.

  2. Customizable LLM Model: 
    just ask LLM generates analytic queries from text. For this it is trained on synthetic dataset that do not contain any customer data or metadata. The training datasets consist of generalized abstract queries. So having just ask trained with a company specific queries is not relevant. To ground  just ask LLM query generation just ask performs text similarity searches on the indexed data models and process the result via a named entity recognition model (NER)
  3. just ask  vs Joule 
    Joule adds the conversation context to just ask as mentioned above. 
    Joule in SAP Analytics Cloud is planned to be a story assistant, it will be available both at view time and at design time. At design time it will support content developers not only to generate visualizations leveraging just ask NLQ, it will  also help to generate story scripts, calculations and more.
    Beyond SAP Analytics Cloud, Joule is planned to be available across SAP applications portfolio:,
    Joule will serve analytical answers in SAP cloud applications thanks to just ask technology

  4. Underlying LLM Model: 
    just ask LLM came from askdata the company that SAP acquired in 2 years ago.
    It's proprietary transformer uses an encoder-decoder architecture. It is hosted in SAP Analytics Cloud backend, no data leaves SAP Analytics Cloud host, no calls to public LLMs.
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Hi francois_imberton, Thank you so much. This input will help a lot.