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Questions about WM/RFID choices

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Hello All,

We would like to us RF devices on our Warehouse management.

Per SAP's solutions, there are SAPConsole, WebSAPConsole, and ITSmobile.

We are now considering about which to choose, SAPConsole or WebSAPConsole. Could you kindly give any suggestions?

Following i have some questions:

1. Does the devices for SAPConsole and WebSAPConsole are different? if we choose WebSAPConsole, this means we should purchase a high level RF device?

2. Where is the SAPConsole server location suggested by SAP? Our SAP servers are placed at a different city to our plant, the RF device and AP must be used at plant, so, should the Console server be placed at the plant or together with the SAP R/3 servers?

3. How does the RF AP connected to the netwrok? By twisted pair to the LAN or directly connect to console server by USB or some other cable?

4. I saw that if we use SAPConsole, there must be a Telnet server, there are three kinds of telnet server suggested by SAP. I'd like to know whether we can use the self contained Telnet service by Windows server 2003? what's the difference between windows telnet and the third party telnet? Does the third party telnet servers free of charge?

Thank you in advance. Sure to award once problems cleared. thank you.


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could any expert help to give some suggestions? really thanks

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I would suggest to go with ITSMobile. Since most of the latest devices are webbased interfaces we can easily develop screens and port it on the RF devices. Also going with ITS mobile ensure that your WM development is in the same maintenance stream as SAP ECC. All future upgrades to new version will have least impact on your WM development.

ITSmobile uses integrated ITS within SAP Stack. No additional harware required.

SAPconsole is text based option . Slowly it is going to fade out.

Webconsole will require additional server and is based on the same technology like SAPconsole.

Hope this answers your qery.


Deepak Kori

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Hi Kori,

Thank you so much for your advice, in the meantime i also prefer to choose ITSMobile.

But I am considering about the ABAP developemnt effort and style.

I know that with SAPConsole, ABAP developers need to do some programming task after basis configured SAPConsole, I'd like to know whether there are any difference of ABAP coding style between the old SAPConsole and the new ITSmobile, I'm afraid that the ABAP programmer refused to use the new technology if they had done on SAPConsole.

The second question is: which kind of RF devices should we purchase? a web-browser embeded RF device is obligatory?

The third question is: How does RF AP connect to the SAP application server? through LAN? that means the AP hardware has a RJ45 interface?

Sorry I am totally new to this area. Really thank you for your advice.

Best regards,


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Regarding ITS Mobile, our experience is that for industrial environments this technology is not enough lively because it is web-based. However, SAP Console runs with Telnet and it provides a good performance when you need to make 10-20 operations per minute.

Deepak, I would like that you comment you experience regarding this issue, because maybe we could be wrong.

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Hi Pablo,

for the reason that you have decribed we'll use SAPCONSOLE 710 and the TELNET Server of GSW. Only a question, if you can help me. Most probably our customer will buy the latest devices which are web-based, so is it necessary and possible to run a sort of Telnet emulator on these web-based devices? Do you know, eventually, a good telnet emulator or the device producer can have one?



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>Most probably our customer will buy the latest devices which are web-based, so is it necessary and possible to run a sort of Telnet emulator on these web-based devices?<

The web-based device will do just fine running a telnet client. Georgia SoftWorks (Link:[]) provides the client without cost. It will only connect to the Link: [UTS server|].