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Question on RFC adapter from a newly certified XI Consultant

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Hi guys

I have just finished taking courses in XI and got certified.

I have the following scenario that I want to configure for practice.

I have 2 tables in ABAP stack. Let us call it Split_names and Full_names.

In Split_names I have to fields FirstName and LastName.

In Full_Names I have just one field FullName.

All I want to do is to contactinate First and Lastnames and put it in Fullnames.

I want to configure XI in such a way that The FirstName and LastName (From table Split_names) is read and while mapping it is concatenated and put it back in Full_Names table.

I want to do it using RFC adapter.

In case of File Adapter, there is a polling mechanism that you can use to trigger the data update.

In case of RFC, how can I do it?

I know I have to write BAPI on ABAP stack, but am not getting clear picture yet.

Also, is RFC the best way to do it? Is there any other adapter that I can use that will be better.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.



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well you can use a RFC or a proxy to achieve this in R3.

in se37 create a RFC with 2 parameters tht is fname and lname and send it to XI.

Configure the RFC sender adapter in this case


RFC adapter

Sender- /people/michal.krawczyk2/blog/2005/03/29/configuring-the-sender-rfc-adapter--step-by-step

A sample scenario involving RFC;



Other approach is with proxy, where u can similarly send the two fields from R3 to XI. (I would recommend proxy in your case)


Client Proxy (Sender Proxy)- /people/ravikumar.allampallam/blog/2005/03/14/abap-proxies-in-xiclient-proxy

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Thanks a lot.

I will try this tomorrow morning and will get back to you if I have any further questions.

I appreciate your quick response.


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No problem.

In case you found the replies useful do close the thread.


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Hi guys,

Thanks for all the responses. I appreciate it a lot.

I got the following response by email from the instructor who taught TBIT44 and so I just wanted to share it here so that if anybody has the same question in future can get some tips.

THanks again

Response from the instructor is as follows

Hi Ram,

I teaching this week so I will be brief. RFCs/BAPI's are always triggered on the calling system side. Pull up any SAP or custom program and look at where the make a call to an RFC Function module. To send the call remotely, simply add the "RFC DESTINATION" onto it.

Navigate into your SAP system and call up a program that uses a function module and notice how the call is coded. I think there is a program called Z00WEEKLY that calls a function module using a "DEST" parameter.

Since its ABAP code, you can build a job stream in SM36 - Job Definition and have it run at any time that you want.

Hope this helps.