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Question on restore Sybase database

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Suppose I have a ASE database. the actual size of data is 1 GB. but someone create a device as 5 GB.
Then I backup this db and want to restore it on another place. I only create device with 2 GB and assign this device to the database.
Is it possible to restore this db with different Device/segment size from orginal bakcup?
Also is it possible to reduce device/segment size if its initial size it too big? any performance for this case?

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Answers (2)

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Hi Kent,

There isn't any way to reduce the space needed to load an existing dump file.

You can reduce the size of the database before doing the dump, or after performing the load.  But if the database was 5GB at the time that you dumped the database, you will need to create a 5GB database to load the dump into.

(All that assumes you are using native ASE dumps.  There is a third party tool called SQL Backtrack that supports "logical dumps", which act much like a set of bulk copy (bcp) operations.  My understanding is that it can load the data into a smaller database, as long as there is enough space to hold all the data).


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Hi Kent,

For restoration size of the segment should be same else it will result in error.

For resizing the device segment refer to discussion in thread

Hope this helps.


Deepak Kori