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Question On Reporting...Please help

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Hello All,

Can anyone help us in finding a solution for one of our reports. We have an ODS which is getting data from 3 different source systems ( 2 are SAP and 1 is non-Sap system).When we are running sales report on our ODS for example if we are getting a material from three different companies say X, Y , Z then in the report we are getting the material sales in three different rows. We dont want this to happen and for any material of type A even though it is getting data from three different companies we want to add the sales of a material irrespective of the source system and show it in a single row.

Can any one please help me with the issue.Thanks for your time.



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Answers (2)

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Hello Sruthi,

Please tell us wat are the KEY fields of our ODS ??



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please give a sample of the records that you get and outoput you are getting - this usually is a problem with the keys of the DSO not being correct...