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Question on how to update changes in UME from SAP ECC

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Hello All,

I need some input on how to handle the below requirement we have. We do not have EP - Portal on our java stack we have Biller Direct application running on it. So now we need a way when a customer data gets changed in SAP ECC customer profile this change should also be done on UME to the same customer account.

I know that we need a portal application that will trigger the JCO call and then update changes from ECC to UME. However as we do not have Portal so i cannot create and deploy a portal application and use it through IView. So is there any other way to handle this connection form ECC to UME.

Can a User exit in ECC FM can talk to UME??

Please update me for any possible solution for this scenario.


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Perhaps I do not understand the question, but if your application uses the UME API, and your backend ABAP system is the data source, the UME API is capable of making changes to the users in the ABAP system. You just need to assign the appropriate role to the UME-ABAP communication user.


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Dear Aparma,

yes, it is possible to do that.

You can define groups in R3 side that are called from the Portal. In this way, all the users are mantained in backend system allways.

Take a look on this forum:

Thanks and Best Regards

João Macedo

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Can you please elaborate more on how to create groups in R3 so that it can talk to UME. I have gone through the forum you have given above and it is more on configuring the LDAP data source.

So otherwise i mean is there a way that i can access UME data source and edit user profile values through a ABAP function module/program/using User exists from R3.



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I dont have much idea on Biller application. But what i understand is, this application is on Java stack and there is this UME data source and you want to update some data in this UME datasource from ECC.

I think it could be possible by creating a webservice on Java stack which update UME datasource. Since i am not much ABAP expert but it I think it could be possible to use this webservice in ABAP.

Refer link :


Jigar Oza