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question about terminology

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Is "Solution Manager" a seperate product from a "Central Monitoring System (CEN)" or os CEN a part of SM?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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All NetWeaver can be a 'CEN' of types (Central Monitoring System) on which Solution Manager has a number of products that filter and re-display these objects in a more meaningfull way. The core of most of the functions (excluding Root-Cause-Analysis) are based on CCMS architecture which is inherient to all SAP Systems to include the ability to centralize these alerts. When Solution Manager is configured through SMSY and RFC Connections, this architecture is configured for you but can also be displayed in RZ21, Technical Infrastructure and Display Topology. CCMS Agents can also register to the CEN which allows it to 'Centrally Auto-React' to remote CCMS Alerts.

Hope that clears-up some of the confusion.

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