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Question about Report Component

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Hello Y'all!

Query/Report Experts, I have this inquiry about a compnent of the Ad Hoc Query, or any other query for that matter...

Ok, so you execute a report, and what follows is, you see the report in front of you, yes? At the bottom of the analysis grid, there is this small curious little component.

I recon that this small component (It's located at the bottom left of the analysis grid.) must be used for something. It looks something like this: ( Row 1 / 591 )

Is this a page counter? What should I call this curious little component? What does it do? How does one use it?

My first thoughts are that it counts the number of rows... But then when I clicked and came across this: Row 18 / 591 on the next page. I got confused. There werent 17 rows on the previous page.

Experts, how exactly does "IT" work? How can utilize this? Help?!!!!



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It is a row counter.

On the first page of the report, "1/591" is showing you that your query produced a total of 591 rows and you are currently seeing the ones starting with row # 1. On the 2nd screen, "18/591" is indicating that you still have a total of 591 rows, but now the display is starting with row # 18. This does not necessarily mean that there were only 17 rows on the first screen, as there is some overlap between the rows shown on the two screens.

Hope this helps...