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Question about licensing of SQL Anywhere 17 running in VM environment

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As found in, the licensing of SQL Anywhere 17 is "core based" licensing. It is different from "chip based" licensing as compared with previous version. However, the blog post in here

are still explaining the licensing of SQL Anywhere based on "chip based" licensing.

How to get proper license of SQL Anywhere 17 running in a VM assigned with 4 vCPU cores?

Is it still required to consider the number of physical CPUs in the hosting machine?

This is nearly impossible if the VM is rented from hosting vendor, say Amazon. We only know the no. of vCPU cores rented. Even a in-house data center may use a very powerful server to run VMs. The physical server may be built with many physical CPUs but only just 2 to 4 cores assigned to a VM running SQL Anywhere.

In addition, how to license MobiLink server if this has to be run on a separate server? Is it good enough to simply license SQL Anywhere server for it?

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Thanks for your question. SAP licensing does not require that you license all physical cores, only the cores being used by the server components. For a virtual environment such as Amazaon, a core license is required for each vCPU rented for the server components.

Regarding the MobiLink Server, it is part of the server components of SQL Anywhere so yes you buy SQL Anywhere server licenses to license MobiLink.