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Question about how solve a problem using MDX in a universe

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Hi All,

We are currently in BO 3.1 SP2 with BW 7.0.

There are two cubes in the BW model, one for header details and the other for line items. They both have the following design:

Header Cube

Orders Order Quantity

10001 2

10002 1

Line Item Cube

Orders Line Item Brand Group Brand Material Order Quantity

10001 1 Brand Group a Brand1 M1001 1

10001 2 Brand Group a Brand1 M1002 1

10001 3 Brand Group a Brand2 M1003 1

10001 4 Brand Group b Brand3 M1004 1

10002 1 Brand Group a Brand1 M1001 1

10002 2 Brand Group a Brand1 M1002 1

10002 3 Brand Group a Brand2 M1003 1

10002 4 Brand Group b Brand4 M1005 1

In Webi, we need to analyze the KPI named Order Quantity by different dimensions.

1. Order Quantity without a dimension of analysis

Order Quantity


2. Order Quantity by Brand Group

Brand Group Order Quantity

Brand Group a 2

Brand Group b 2

Total 4

3. Order Quantity by Brand

Brand Order Quantity

Brand1 2

Brand2 2

Brand3 1

Brand4 1

Total 6

What we want to avoid strictly because of Information Volume matters, is to take all the data to the webi report and carry out a COUNT using formulas.

Could we obtain the "Count Different Orders" indicator aggregated by the different dimensions of analysis using MDX. Is this accurate and feasible?

Kind regards,

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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what is the exact concern here ?

You might want to think about switching the measure to be a "database delegated" measure. You should be able to have a single WebI report showing all the aggregated numbers / views


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