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Query View Usage statistics

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Hi ,

We are analysing the statistics data in 0tct_c01 and 0tct_c02 to determine the query view usage.

But the query view information is not recorded along with query information. We already raised a issue with SAP but they say

that this funcionality is currently not availavle.

Is there any way by which we can find query view usage per user?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Shital

Check this below step - might help you

1) Run the Transaction code ST13

2) Select the tool name as : BW_QUERY_USAGE and execute

3) Select the data range and execute based on the following selection

All Queries?


in SAP Netweaver BI 7.0 Query Runtime statistics is split into two major parts

1) Front End and OLAP Statistics : Provides - Runtime of BI front end application and Runtime of Query in OLAP Processor

2) Data Manager : Runtime for retrieval of data from BI Info Provider or the BI Accelerator

Refer following SAP Documentation links :

Let us know if this helps.

Much Regards


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Answers (6)

Answers (6)

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HI ,

I am Also trying to solve same issue and I am not able to give time Stamp in proper format.

Could u please help me with Time stamp format for ( 01.01.2011 to 07.11.2011) range.



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All the above steps give details about query statistics. I wanted to know usage of query view.

Since query view finally hits query , everywhere it is showing query usage.

I want to know , is there any way find query view usage.

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Hi Shital,

Could you please let us know if you were able to get the query view usage statistics and what was your experince based on that.

Many thanks

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Hi Shital

Goto RSRT .

Select your query.

Click on Execute + Debug button.

On others tab .

Select Display Statistics Data.


After Execution.

Click on Back button.

Now you are on the tab of Statistics Data For Query Runtime.

Hope this will help



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Hi Shital,

Check the tables

If you are working with

BW 3.5 you can look in table RSDDSTAT

In BI 7.0 it is RSDDSTAT_OLAP.

Make a selection on the info cube and the OLAP Statistic Object which is the query ID and execute. Then you should see how often the query was executed, by whom and which date/time. in field Query ID you type in the tech name of the query



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Hi shital ,

If you have installed BI Admin cockpit ,

Then try these queries :-

0TCT_MCA1_Q0141 and 0TCT_MCA1_Q0142 .

or in the Bi Admin cockpit portal you can check underneath

Query run time Statistics - > BI Application Object Status

These will give you the required details .

Regards ,


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ST13 does not give option to calculate statistics for query view.

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*We have different ways of finding query usage(By the user).

1) in st03 transaction

2) ST13 transaction.

RSRT and ST13 are direct to know the details.

Process:1 ST13 process:

ST13-> BW_QUERY_USAGE-> Secify the user name and Time stamp and execute.

Note: ST13 will be available only when ur system is upgraded to SP20 or more.

Process:2 ST03 process.

For Query Statistics: U can use RSRT or RSDDSTAT_DB & RSDDSTAT_OLAP tables.

Go to RSRT -> give the query name->Execute + debugg-> select display statistics and execute the query -> go back of the session you wil find the query statistics i.e. OLAP time/dbtime/front end ...etc.

Hope this helps you..

Best Regards,