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Query Output Format

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Hi Guys,

I have a question about the format of a query output. The required format is:

Month1 Month2 ... Month12 Total Average




In my query, I have a structure with key figures in the rows section. In the columns section, i have 'Fiscal period'. Below that i have a structure with 2

selections restricted with 'Fiscal Period'(one for Total and other for Average). With this, my output is:

Mth1 Average Mth2 Average... Mth12 Total Average




So, the 'Average' is getting repeated for each month. How can i get the desired output (i.e. with Average only once at the end).

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Govind,

In your Columns, you can have a Strucuture: that includes Restricted Key Figures for Month 1, 2..12 and then Total Average as a Calculated Key Figure being (12..12)/12.

To achieve what you want you should leave the time characteristic out of the columns (and instead embed the time restriction into the 12 individual RKFs)



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What about adding a result row to fiscal period and put result calculation to average?



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Hi Adrian and Tom,

Thanks for your inputs.

Adrian - I tried that option. But, how can i include only a time-characteristic in a 'Restricted KF'. I need atleast one key figure other than the time characteristic.

Tom - If i correctly understood what you meant, i need to include a 'Result' selection in the structure in the column. I did the same as you can see. But that wouldn't make any difference i think.

I appreciate your inputs. Any feedback/thoughts?


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Hey Govind,

Your structure selections should be month 1 to 12

and every month being restricted by the key figure and time characteristic.

and then your structure would also need a formula selection

the formula would be all the months divided by the no of months but again.

you would need some variable here.

you want the average depending on the current month selected so dont hard code it.

for example: you need report for month 5 then average wud be 12345/5 (variable) not 12.

and for month 6 average again changes

so you need a formula variable here.

thanx hope i was clear

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