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Query on Global Rollout Landscape Strategy

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Dear All,

I need some information about Global Rollout.I am working in SAP BASIS.I need to finalize the system landscape.The query is,what would be our approach to implement the global template using solution manager:

1. Separate Implementation at two different sites(Location1 and Location2) with two sets of servers (DEV,QAS & PRD) with common solution manager between both the location where the solution manager will be working as a common server between (DEV1 & DEV2,QAS1 & QAS2,PRD1 & PRD2 respectively),so that the global template package can be transported from Location1 to Location2 by using Solution Manager.

So Total no of servers will be 7 (two sets of DEV,QAS,PRD & 1 solution manager).

2. Implementation with only one set of server (DEV,QAS,PRD) and solution manager at Location1. And only one Production server at Location2 so that the developed global template is common between both the location by solution manager.After developing local components at different clients (for different locations) at DEV,testing at QAS and transporting to PRD1,the global template is transported to PRD2.

So Total no of servers will be only 5 ( one set of DEV,QAS & 2 PRD,one solution manager)

Please guide.I need your help so that can finalize this asap.

Waiting for your reply,

Thanks & Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sandipan,

Always a pleasure to hear Global Rollout use

First, I will comment on the number of Solution Manager instances.

If there is no particular need for two separate instances of Solution Manager and the different Geographies/ Businesses involved are happy to share 'content' from same Solution Manager instance, you just need one Solution Manager.

With Global Template Rollout based out of one Solution Manager instance, things can be a lot more simpler. For example,

- you don't have to think about 'transporting' templates from source SolMan instance to target SolMan instance to provide periodic updates; they become available 'perpetually' for all Implementation Projects within the single instance

- you don't have to activate 'Change Requests' to capture the structure and content assignments in the project. Often, people find this to be very time consuming

Please go through SAP Note 603336, if you haven't done already. This is very important to read.

As regards the number of DEV, QAS, PRD you must have for Satellite Systems, it's entirely dependent on the way your programme requirements are. I would believe PRD to one, though the other boxes in between could vary as per needs.

As for SolMan, you need to have just one instance running to cover Template Project and all Rollouts based on that.

Best regards,


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Dear Srini,

Can you please provide me some links or documents of SAP Best Practices or any documents which can be really helpful to me.



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Hi Srinivasan,

I am working with a client who is having Global Implementation. Our first Rollout would be for EMEA next North America after that Latin America and last Asis Pac.

Can you throw some light on Dev, QA and Prod server quantity we should have for this kind of implementation.

Would appreciate your response.

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