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Query on a multiprovider does not display data correctly

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Hi Experts,

I have Multiprovider which contains a cube and a DSO.

The cube has 0CUSTOMER,0MATERIAL, 0MAT_DOC, 0MAT_ITEM,0FISCVARNT in addition to other characterisrics and KFs.

The DSO has Key fields: 0MAT_DOC, 0MAT_ITEM and 0FISCVARNT. And Data fields ZIMTXT, 0MATERIAL and 0QUANTITY.

Now we are creating a query on the multiprovider which should display 0CUSTOMER,0MATERIAL, 0MAT_DOC, 0MAT_ITEM, ZIMTXT with all the other KFs from the cube.

But the query displays the result as below:

Customer Customer Name Supplier Material Material Document Material Doc. Item Item Text

# # # 4 4900000736 1 Text1


4900000738 1 Text2 #

4900001446 1 Text3 #

We want the query to display only one record for the material document number and not double records as it is displaying now.

Ps: Cube is non cumulitive so we cannot create a join.

Please let me know any ides on how we can display only single record for each material doc number. thanks.


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Answers (4)

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see if you can use constant selection and resolve this issue..

In case this not working see if you can change the design or atleast you should have common report fields in both DSO and cube and checked properly for data display..

Thanks and regards


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Dear Shweta, Not sure if Multiprovider is not a good choice for this case, as the cube is non-cummulative & cannot display all line item wise view? I can suggest another method, wherein you try a left outer join using Infoset with Infoobject 0MATERIAL & your reporting cubes, which hold the summary data. Please correct me if I have understood your question wrong. The reason why I request you to have such a model is that the Material Document #s are anyway master records & needs to fetch data based on only Document #, but due to non-aggregated set, the values can provide more granular view. If required you can also create a aggregation using another cube & perform reporting using newer cube. Thanks!

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Check if this helps.




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check if you have done proper Assignment of the fields from all the cubes in the MultiProvider.

You can put a restriction/ filter on the Infoprovider while checking the data in the MultiProvider.

You can also check the data of MP in tcode LISTCUBE