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Query not work after transfer from DEV to PRD system.

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Dear Expert,

I've create some queries on one InfoCube, to analysis data from different dimension. And everthing works well in the DEV environment. But after I transfer the queries to the PRD system, these queries are all not work. There's no error message, but it is always in processing... then it cause the Excel no response...

Please kindly give some ideas about how to fix this issue.

Thank you very much.


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Answers (2)

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As already mentioned:

1. Run the query in RSRT and make sure it executes there. If not, open the query in query designer and make sure the query is transported correctly. If you have transported today, you would see today's timestamp on the query in PRD.

2. If it is running... and running... in Excel, there might be large amount being read. Make sure that in PRD, you have enought restriction put in the query which doesn't overflow the query result in PRD.

- Danny

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If you not check in RSRT please do it. And if there is any prompts please enter some value then revert me.

Before this please check in qesigner if all are moved correctly,