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Queris in MDM - XI integration

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Hi Experts,

I was tryin to understand the below mentioned blog.


I admit the blog is more into PI and R/3. But I would wish to question only on the MDM part.

I am totally novice, and need to clear some doubts.

1. In the step 1 , Why do we choose BP3_PoC_Customer? Does it signify chunk of Customer Data?

2.In step 1 Enter Name of a client system (Example.Siebel), Code and Type. See the below Figure 2. why was SEIBEL chosen, I mean in th e landscvape there is MDM, PI and R/3, from where is this Seibel comin in picture, I mean what is the lgic behind?

3.In the MDM server slide congifuration, just below figure 3. port, we get to see the FOLDER.

This folder path,is this custom, I mean the path is designed according to my wish/ choice, I mean say take an example, I wish to push out of MDM CREMAS data, so is there a dedicated folder already made for cremas, or we make our own folder and path

Also from the link perspective, how to push the cremas data into the folder, this is not described.Say in a project the requirement is to PUSH out CREMASA, MATMAS, and DEBMAS data nad map it to R/3. In such a scenerio, how do i PUSH such business data out of MDM .

Experts, Pls comment.

Experts, can you comment!

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Answers (3)

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Here you go for BALA's



I think You can reach him on his ID

Thank you


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Concept was cleared to a great extent through a blog by Harisson Holland. Many Thnaks to Harrison , [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken]



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Hi Arnab,

There are no restrictions on the names used in MDM.

In MDM there is a concept of Remote System which is nothing but a logical name given to the system from which the MDM will receive the data.

Example: Say data is sent from ECC system but for your reference you can create the Remote System named TEST_ECC.

We need to create the Ports for the remote system. Creation of port will automatically creates the folder with name equals to the code of the port and this part will always be fixed. You can check the path in MDM Installable directory/Server/Distributions/DatabaseServer_Name/RemoteSystem_Name/Inbound/Port_Name

Depending on the scenario either you need to create Inbound Port (If MDM is the receiver) or Outbound Port (If MDM is the sender)


Jitesh Talreja

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my doubt is partly cleared,

Now, tell me , since i don hav the MDM system access , I wish to know, how do u push the data out, say cremas , matmas etc, do u select it and then make a corresponding client and port each time ! Can u tell me what all steps are required in addition to the steps given in the link, to push the data in the FOLDER?

Is my query clear?

Pls comment!


Arnab .