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Queries in Web Application Designer.

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Hi All,

The requirement is simple but it seems i'm missing something somewhere.

Requirement : I've 2 queries (Q1, Q2) in the report template. the variables of 2nd qry (Q2) need to be populated based upon the vars of Q1 (in customer exit)

Problem : In customer exit (step 3), i always receive Q2 followed by Q1. No matter whether i put the order as

Q1, Q2 or Q2, Q1.

My understanding was the order is defined by the way the queries are put in the template. How do i make Q1 come before Q2 in the exit.



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I guess the exit was called to each query, so can't have access the variables from others query.

Maybe a workaround can be done: on Q2 create dummy key figures restricted with the same variable used on Q1. This way the value will be ready to be read. This will be only aplicable with you have the same characterists filtered on Q1 also on Q2.

Hope this help you.


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Hi Nagendra,

The order in which you put the queries in the web template has got nothing to do with the order in which the queries appear in the customer exit.

Infact I do not get what you mean when you say you are getting "Q2 followed by Q1 in the customer exit"?

I am assuming that Q1 has ready for input variables - so just write the code for the Q2 variables under I_STEP = 2 and do not make these variables ready for input but do make them mandatory - this should serve the purpose.

I think this information would help:

<i>The customer exit for variables is called three times maximally. These three steps are called I_STEP.

The first step (I_STEP = 1) is before the processing of the variable pop-up and gets called for every variable of the processing type “customer exit”. You can use this step to fill your variable with default values.

The second step (I_STEP = 2) is called after the processing of the variable pop-up. This step is called only for those variables that are not marked as “ready for input” and are set to “mandatory variable entry”.

The third step (I_STEP = 3) is called after all variable processing and gets called only once and not per variable. Here you can validate the user entries. Please note that you cannot overwrite the user input values into a variable with this customer exit. You can only derive values for other variables or validate the user entries.</i>

Hope it helps,