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Queries created under the Headcount infocube (0PAPA_C02)

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I have created a very simple query under the above mentioned infocube. In the query definition I only use characteristics Employee(0EMPLOYEE) and Age in Years(0AGE) under the rows section. The rest of the sections are all blank. When I execute the query, it gives me a dump which says about "Message Type X Error".

The 0AGE info object is a virtual characteristic in the infocube. I tried dragging any key figure and placing it in the query and the error does not occur.

Has anybody encounter such a problem when creating queries from standard infocubes which uses virtual characteristics?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I dont see why you would report without any KF.

If you would like to report the employee and his/her age 0AGE_NC shld be used rather thna 0AGE.

0AGE is a characteristic which will have meaning for various categories of age range which is defined/based on the 0AGE_NC KF.

May be query requirement or more on error message might help to give u better picture.

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Hi Gokul,

Thanks for the reply.

I agree with what you say.

The query was created by users themselves and they defined it that way. Not sure why they defined it that way.

Anyway, this problem only occurred after having the our BW system upgraded to Support Package 28 for BW3.0B.

How can I debug or are there any documentations on how the virtual characteristic 0AGE is populated with data?

Kindly help.



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