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QR Code With Arabic String Characters Scanning Incorrectly

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I have been building a few QR Codes based in Crystal Reports 2016 and I have a client who has a few fields that can contain a combination of Arabic letters and standard numbers. I have been able to produce the QR Codes with no issues, insert Arabic Text titles, which all export correctly. Additionally, when I insert the formulas/tables that contain the mixed Arabic characters and standard numbers into the Crystal Report, they appear correctly before I convert them to a QR Code. When I go to scan a QR Code that contains one of those fields that combines Arabic letters and standard numbers (0-9,) the return from the scanner is showing incorrectly. It is a combination of question marks, English letters and other symbols.

I have done extensive research on this and cannot figure it out. Does anyone have any ideas?

looking for the same.

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Hi looking for the same issue. looking forward to hearing from the community.

QRCode is Ok if text is in english. but it is not working for arabic string characters.