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Hello All

Requirement = In Sender JMS Adapter QoS is EOIO because sequential message processing is required. If EOIO is used then if one message get stuck then all remaining message will be on Hold status. We need to overcome from this situation. We have 2 types of incoming messages Category A and Category B. As of now both category is moving to same queue with the concept of FIFO. Now I want all the Category A messages move to a Queue for example XBTQ001 and all Category B message move to Queue XBTQ002. This I want because failure of one message of Category A should not effect Category B messages. This need to be achieved using one Sender JMS adapter.

Kindly help with your inputs.


Dheeraj Kumar

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Hi Dheeraj,

For your requirement you need to define dynamic EOIO queue name. Please refer the below blogs