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QM- Results recording

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Dear Experts, 

I have a requirement from our internal customer and gain better understanding on how the data entry requirements are driven my the MIC Creation in the QM Module. Our production team has asked engineering to aid them in reducing the burden of entering MIC data during inspection of a device we manufacture inhouse. For this model line we have a shop order QTY of 1920 EA with a total of 12 MICs required over 23,000 check boxes of Pass or Fail to be entered per shop order, which run multiple times per week. The team is looking into what flexibility there may be in the QM system architecture that may allow them to simply ender ‘QTY Accepted’ and ‘QTY Rejected’ specifically for attributive (P/F) Functional Inspections, rather than using the auto generated 1,920 Pass or Fail boxes that populate when entering the MIC #. 

Any ideas are welcome. Simply put, I like to know is there any simpler way to minimize results recording for 1920 characters with ex. 1000 QTY Pass , 920 QTY Fails.

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Hi Caesar,

In the setup of the MIC there are some Control Indicators you could contemplate on:

- Characteristic Attribute-> Uncheck so number of non-confirming quantity is used as result instead of catalog value

- Single/summarized result: Result per inspected parts as total (one result for all) or results for each part (a result for each)


greetings, Herman