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QLOCKSIN Error when processing large numbers of messages

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FIrstly I am a bit of a newbie at this.

We need to make payments using an interface to our bank. Currently paying vendors is working OK as there are a maximum of a few thousand payments in each payment batch. However when we test paying 10,000 employees the interface is failing.

We are using the RFFOEDI1 transaction to generate an idoc for each payment and a summary idoc for the batch. There are 7 batches that are generated with 7,500 payments in the largest batch.

We initally had a problem with the maximum number of nodes in the SWPA transaction. This has been increased from 50,000 to 100,000 and we don't have this problem now.

However we are getting a problem where the queue is stopped with the following entry in the Inbound Queue: Function Module: STOP, TDI: QLOCKSIN1111111111111111, and Program: RSWWDHEX_INTERNAL.

Restarting the queue seems to get the messages processing again, but how do I find out what is causing this "error" and the queue to be stopped.



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Further to VJs question. There were a number of errors in the logs but the time didn't match the unlock / activate time. Seems they are not generated at exactly the same time as the error is shown in the queues.

Further analysis by our local Basis folk has identified the following. My apologies if I have got some of the terms wrong.

1. We were using all the Lock Table.

2. We doubled the size of the lock table and then got SYSTEM_NO_ROLL and SYSTEM_NO_MEMORY errors.

3. We were then using all the Available Extended memory.

We are now looking at alternative design approaches to sending the 10,000 individual idocs to XI which then combines them in an Integration Process.


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Thanks VJ,

I have checked the st22 logs. There are a no errors generated when I Lock / Unlock, Activate the queue.

The queue message goes to Transaction Executing for several minutes then a message with StatusText of "Command to tRFC/qRTF: Execute LUW again." in red is created for the first message in the queue. Then the STOP QLOCKSIN message is created. Other times the message Command to tRFC etc is not created.

Do you have any other suggestions?



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Did you check the st22 logs?