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Qlikview with SAP connectors

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Hi ,

was any one have an experience an Qlikview with SAP sources and connectors if yes can you please share me below information

1) what are the SAP connectors we have to connect  Qlikview and limitations of the connectors

2) Steps to integrate qlikview with any SAP systems

3) Disadvantages of Qlikview using SAP datasources .

i got some document which explains the 3rd party connectors and SAP certified , is it advisable to buy and use ?

waiting for valuable answers .

Thanks in advance ,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The SAP connectors are typically just some transports that you import into your SAP system.  They create some bapis to which QlikView connects.  You will have to create a user with which QlikView can connect and assign some of the roles created with the imported transports.

Overall the integration with SAP is fairly simple.  The thing that you will need to make sure you keep watch on is the resource usage.  This is really dependent on how your QlikView developers code their QlikView apps.  If they are not utilizing delta data loads they can end up putting a lot of load on your system.  I would also recommend limiting how many people can do ad-hoc loads from their local clients over your production system.  Since each client would be loading data locally you can overload your system.  If your QlikView team is using a Publisher server then you can limit the times they pull their data to off hours.

Here is the QlikView guide from QlikView.

I've also attached our team's doc on how to set it up in SAP.  It's pretty easy so we just have a txt document for this.

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Thanks Tony

Its valid  info

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totally agree with the above.

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Hi Tony,

I think this blog could be interesting for you if you use QlikView and SAP:



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Answers (1)

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Hi Balaji,

PLease check

I hope it will help you .

Best Regards,


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Thanks Atul,

Here i am talking about the Qilkview Tool NOT QuickViewer

Qlikview is the tool from Qlik Technologies, Inc.

After referring the document QlikView Connector Manual

Using the below connectors we can connect to the Qlikview with SAP sources  And this are SAP certified

  • Qlikview SAP SQL Connector
  • QlikView SAP DSO/ODS Connector
  • QlikView SAP Report Connector
  • QlikView SAP Extractor Connector
  • Qlikview SAP BAPI Connector
  • Qlikview SAP OLAP Connector
  • Qlikview SAP Query Connector