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Purchase order release workflow

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Hi clever people

I am back with more noobish questions....

I'm creating a PO release workflow and I have used the standard workflow def WS20000075 as a basis (i have made a copy so I can edit things)

I have some questions to begin with:

Does this workflow somehow supoprt multi level approval processes? (I have up to 6 release levels in my release strategy) I somehow think it doesn't since there is only one step in the workflow for releasing a PO. am i correct and if so, how do I go about making it suitable for a multi level strategy, a loop ?

I can get the workflow to run by creating a PO in ME21N using only the first level of my strategy, however for some strange reason the workflow start event deactivates itself after every workflow instance .... any clue why it does this?

Many thanks in advance for you help .

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Ok I've answered my own questions.

bless google

This workflow template does support multi level release strategies, the completion of one level activates the event for the next level and kicks off a whole new workflow instance.

The problem with the workflow event trigger deactivating itself is a bug of some sort.... it can be fixed by followiing note 797775 ... for anyone reading this I'll save you the time...

If you do not use SAP Forecasting & Replenishment for SAP Retail requirements planning, you do not need to implement this note. You only need to remove the following entry from Transaction SWEC (Events for Change Document): Change Doc. Object: EINKBELEG Business Obj. type: BUS2012 Event: RELEASESTEPCREATED

if you are using SAP Forecasting and Replenishment ... better go check out the note.

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hey Hii Neil,

     can you please help me out, i am having the same requirement, and i am able to achieve single level PO release but when there is more than 1 level it is giving error,

I have created one Activity step there i have created task with BUS2012 = > RELEASE method and i am running this in background processing mode.

so can you please help me further what is needed to be done ?

"the completion of one level activates the event (which event) for the next level and kicks off a whole new workflow instance."

can you please explain more in details what above statement means, i could not understood this as i am new to the workflow.?

I even ran it by swels (event trace on). So the releasestepcreated event is called twice but i am not able to understand what actually happens when it is called second time ? and then i am getting error in second event as "Import Container contains errors (are any obligatory elements missing ) "

I think this error is coming because second time when event is called/executed it doesn't get the required release code and i have made one element zreleasecode (import / mandatory) parameters and i have used at the start header event creation releasestepcreated

binding releasecode => zreleasecode

I have three level of approval

Level 1 - L1 - Manager

Level 2 - L2 - Project Principle

Level 3 - L3 - CFO

Appreciate your/anybody else's help



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Please open a new thread with the details of your problem. Much more chance of getting an answer that way.

"are any obligatory elements missing" -> As you suspected, it is almost certainly the case that the release code isn't being supplied as a parameter when the event is created, or the event -> workflow binding is wrong.

Please start a new thread.


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