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)pur_c01 cube enhancement

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I want to enhace the cube 0pur_c01 and also the data source enhancement

1. I want to add some of the info objects to the cube which are mapped till the communication structure of the cube, Can i add them directly to the cube?

I mean it makes a cube in detail level. i want to add info objects like

0doc_num, 0doc_itm, 0doc_date, 0scl_deldate.

2. Which data source 2lis_02_itm or 2lis_02_scl should be enhanced?

i want 2 fields from EKBE table , they are budat and menge.

thanks in advance.


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u can take 2lis_02_itm.. data source..

ITM data source budat menge field aviable..

check once...

hope this help,


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Hai sheshu ,

Go through below steps for Enhancement procedure

this is an example

Goto RSA6- select the 0material Field.- Click on Enhance extract structure-> it will take u to the next screen there u need to create the field material group1. and append it to 0Material.

Goback to RSA6-- RC on 0material-- it will take you to customer version edit screen- here unchk the Hide and Field only known in exit options n save it.

Next Go back to RSA6-- 0material- click on Function enhancement it will take you to CMOD Screen( here we need to enter the project name and click create if not created on click display)

In the next screen we find the function exits Like EXIT_SAPLRSAP_001 FOR T DATA AND EXIT_SAPLRSAP_002 FRO Master Data,_003 for Text n _004 for Hierarchies.

select the appropriate function exit and double clikc on it. It will take you to Function builder screen.

D Click on defn of Include ZXRSAU01. it will take you to abap editor screen.

here u need to include the code for the enhanced fields n also write the code to populate the dat for that particular field.

save it and avtivate the code.

Hope this Is helpfulll

send me ur mail id i'll send u screen shots how to do Enhancement.

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My email id is,

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You can create copy of business content and enhance. you can't enhace direct business content cube.

For enhancement

Go through these weblogs for step by step approach to enhance the datasource






hope this will help you.