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Publishing BSP applications in the internet

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Web application server is usually located in intranet. Therefore, the BSP applications are available for intranet users by default without any additional hardware.

If want to allow internet users also use BSP application, what necessary components/action are required?. Do I need something like Web dispatcher in DMZ and open required ports in Firewall? Is there a complete quide available "publishing your BSP application for internet users"?

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Hi Kimmo,

we use the web dispatcher in the DMZ. setup was no big problem, and it just runs now. also, resource consumption is very low, so no big server needed.

i didn´t find any "complete" guide, sorry.



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Is the web dispatcher the dispatcher part of the SAP J2EE Engine? Or is that a different product? Are there any OSS Notes about it?



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check out this:


<> -> SAP NetWeaver -> SAP Web Application Server -> <Language> -> mySAP Technology -> SAP Web Application Server -> Client/Server Technology -> Architecture of SAP Web Application Server -> SAP Web Dispatcher


Web Dispatcher Notes:

538405 Composite SAP note on SAP Web dispatcher

499327 Using the SAP Web Dispatcher with SAP Web AS 6.10

552286 Troubleshooting for the SAP Web dispatcher.

Regards, Bernd