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Publishing a component based on CAP


Dear all,

maybe this is a tough question to answer but i try anyway as i am just getting started with the topics of software licenses:

I have developed a microservice with CAP that might be useful to other people in the community as well. Now i would like to make my repository public so everybody is able to see, use and reshare my code.

Me, and therefore my company, are hoping to get more involved with the community and in turn generate some attention as we are always on the lookout for new employees.

Most of the time my projects are based on MIT licensed packages only but with CAP i see a SAP Developer License Agreement beeing used:

Although i am capable of reading and understanding texts written in english this looks like something i would consult a laywer for.

But before i go down that rabbithole i would like to kindly ask for your experience.

What are your experiences with publishing your code which is reusing code written by SAP under the SAP Developer License Agreement?

Do you have any additional sources that are helpful to read up on?

Thank you for your time!



PS: I heard left and right that there are SAP partner stores available. This sounded for me to big and long winded for what i am doing. I am really specific looking for the possiblity of publishing code in a repository and having people from all around the world commenting, creating issues, creating pull requests or forking.

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