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Publish Analysis for Office SAC Edition reports

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Could you please let me know how to deploy the reports created with Analysis for Office, Edition for SAC? Is there any platform where they can be published and consumed by the users in a collaborative environment?

Once they are published to SAC we have to download them in our local system in order to open it, which is not very efficient and sustainable on long term.


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Hello cristina.talmaciu,

What we found is that Analysis for MS Office (limitation applies) is suitable for SAC connection and can be used to publish and scheduled via SAP BusinessObjects platform. Workbooks hosted on SAP BusinessObjects platform allows easy consumption, similar to any other AO workbooks (eg connected to BW environment) SAC version of add-in on the other hand do not support publication and scheduling yet. This was a show stopper for us. We decided to go with AO instead of SAC add-in even if AO do not support new model as, benefits shadows the limitations with respect to our requirement.

Having said that, we may see a concert timeline in Q3 2022. New update from SAP : Q2 2022 Update: The results of the POC were very promising but we do not yet have a formal development plan with timelines. We know how important this is to you and continue to work on this internally in SAP and will come back with another update in Q3.

If and when this functionality added to SAC, SAP BusinesssObject can be replaced. Untill then SAP BusinessObject BI Platform provide better integration when it comes to SAC workbooks via AO.

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Hello Vijayeta,

great explanation! ... There is only little, what I would add here:

Business Objects Plattform (BIP)... as of now there are two options, on-premise and in the Cloud.

More details can be found here in the slides presented in this Blog:

Besides storing regular AO workbooks in BIP, there is also the option to store them directly on the SAP Netweaver Platform of e.g. a SAP BW 7.50 system. Unfortunately I never ever found out if this is allowed also with BIP license or if this is only allowed with BPC license!

Of course, you could ask, why would somebody store these workbooks directly in BW if he has a BIP in place... the answer is simple: Performance! If you e.g. trigger planning functions on a workbook stored in BIP, it takes longer than the same triggered in a workbook stored in BW.

If somebody knows a reliable source if you need the BPC license for it, please feel free to share.

BR, Martin