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PSA Table Parameters

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Hi to all,

Where to change parameters for PSA Table in BI 7.0? like say, if i want to increase database size for PSA Table & and also other parameters,

is there any transaction as such!

awaiting for your answers?


BalajiReddy K.

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Goto → Technical Attributes in DataSource maintenance

With the context menu entry Manage for a DataSource in the Data Warehousing Workbench you can go to the PSA maintenance for data records of a request or delete request data from the PSA table of this DataSource. You can also go to the PSA maintenance from the monitor for requests of the load process.

Using partitioning, you can separate the dataset of a PSA table into several smaller, physically independent, and redundancy-free units. This separation can mean improved performance when you update data from the PSA. In the Implementation Guide with SAP NetWeaver → Business Intelligence → Connections to Other Systems → Maintain Control Parameters for Data Transfer you define the number of data records needed to create a new partition. Only data records from a complete request are stored in a partition. The specified value is a threshold value.