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proxies pre configuration

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hi all,

i am doing pre configuration of abap client proxies by refering this blog


here i am unable to create HTTP connection in the business system.




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ABAP Proxy:

How to enable the ABAP Proxy between the ECC and SAP XI.

The Errors I have divided into 2 parts

1. If my proxy is looking into the Exchange Profile on SLD.

2. If the Proxy is looking into the SPROXSET table

If my proxy is looking into the Exchange Profile on SLD:

Description: Proxy are the outside in communication between the SAP R/3 and SAP XI, proxy cab be used when my SAP WebAS is 6.20, it is an adapter less communication, because the the Application system has the WebAS 6.20 has an internal engine which will convert the message into XML and then this XML message is sent to XI using the HTTP protocol.

This blog explains how to create the ABAP proxy:


What I am trying to focus is how the connection is getting established and what all happens when you run the SPROXY transaction code on Application System.

We use SPROXY to read the Interfaces from Integration Repository in application system, then we are creating the proxy either client or server.

When we run SPROXY the application system will try to find the the IR to get the interfaces on which the PROXY can be generated.

It get’s the information about the IR in Exchange Profile which is present in the SLD of XI.

When SPROXY is run on the application system, the following program will be running.

• Report: SPROX_CHECK_IFR_ADDRESS check if the connection to the exchange profile is working and the parameters are set.

• Report: SPROX_CHECK_HTTP_COMMUNICATION check if the HTTP communication of the system is running.

• Report: SPROX_CHECK_IFR_RESPONSE checks if the connection to the Integreation builder is running correclty

• Report: SPROX_CHECK_IFR_CONNECTION checks if the data coming from the Integreation Builder can be correclty interpreted.

If you get any error while running the reports here are the descriptions:

Firstly check the SLDCHECK is working:

Since the applications communicate with the SLD to get their own business system and integration server information the connection to the SLD need to be running from all business systems. Use the transaction SLDCHECK to check whether this is the case. If SLDCHECK is throwing the error then cross check the SLDAPICUST transaction code whether is pointing to the correct SLD.

Report: SPROX_CHECK_IFR_CONNECTION checks if the data coming from the Integreation Builder can be correclty interpreted. You will get the error "Integreation Builder data cannot be understood” when you run the report SPROX_CHECK_IFR_CONNECTION.

Make sure the following steps are done to fix this:

Role of the Business system: Application System

Corresponding Integreation server: dest:
<SM59 Http connection created>

Also check the following RFC are working fine.



Also in RZ70 TC you should point to the SLD.

This 2 RFC are Registered Programs, if this RFC is working then your Application system can ping to the SLD where the exchange Profile is present.

The Report SPROX_CHECK_HTTP_COMMUNICATION will check whether the application system all the HTTP services activated or not. To activate all HTTP services go to SICF and activate it.

Else you will get error “ICM_HTTP_CONNECTION_FAILED”.

To check the HTTP service is active or not check SMICM click GOTO&#61664;Service

Create the HTTP connection from SAP R/3 to XI.

SM59--&#61664; Create RFC destination of type ‘H’ when all the HTTP services are active then the connection will work fine.

If the RFC destination of type H is giving error “ICM_HTTP_CONNECTION_FAILED” and all the HTTP services are active then

Goto the SICF and make sure all the Proxy are disabled.

So once these things are maintained then the ABAP Proxy will work fine.



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hi khan,

I got error when executed the Report SPROX_CHECK_HTTP_COMMUNICATION.

i check service in the path u specified,there i found http and smtp service in activated mode.

is there any service i have to activate,



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Check this SAP Note-824554,783515,706563



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Check thse

//***<i>14. My ABAP proxy from Application system is not working

Take a look at "XI Configuration guide" section:

"Connecting Business Systems with an Integration Engine to the Central Integration Server"

and maintain the "dest://<HTTPDESTINATION>" in TCODE: SXMB_ADM for the application system</i>

Also Please look at these...