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PROPFIND 400: Bad Request error

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Hi Everyone,

I am trying to configure a WebDAV KM repository to point to our MS Sharepoint system.

I have configured the HTTP System as follows:

System ID: mySharepoint

Description: Sharepoint System

Server URL: http://<fully qualified myWSSserver>/

I have created the WebDAV repository as follows:

Name: mySharepoint

Description: Sharepoint Repository

Prefix: /My_Sharepoint

System ID: mySharepoint

System Path: ourDvision/ourTeam/

Server Type: Native IIS WebDAV Server

I created a KM System called mySharepoint and created the alias of "mySharepoint".

I completed the user mapping to provide my user Id and password.

I've restarted the service.

However, whenever I try to access the repository, it does not show up and when I check the Component Monitor it shows the following error message on the mySharepoint server startup: "2008-11-17T19:16:29Z: PROPFIND /ourDivision/ourTeam/: 400 Bad Request"

I have also confirmed that I can access native windows WebDAV to the same sharepoint site, so I know that WebDAV support has been turned on the IIS server.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? I have tried to find any reference to the 400 Bad Request response and cannot find any information.

We are running EP versino 7.0 SS 10, and I'm trying to connect to MS Sharepoint 2.0

Thanks in advance,


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Answers (2)

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This indicates that the WebDAV repository manager has sent a WebDAV PROPFIND request (defined in IETF RFC 4918), but Sharepoint has rejected the request with a generic HTTP error code (see IETF RFC 2616).

Likely a bug in Sharepoint, or an intermediate (firewall? proxy? filter?).

That a different client does work doesn't ptove anything, because it's unlikely to send exactly the same request.

To find out more, you probably need to turn up logging levels on the KM and/or the Sharepoint side.

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I have run into the same problem. Did you find your solution.

Thank you very much,