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Hey folks,

I'm now trying to use a properties pane on the New Web application designer. Zero suppression is used on the rows, and I'd like to show this property with a properties pane, and show this property only.

I can see from the documentation of the web item - that this parameter could be configured - Properties Set Definition (PROPERTIES_SET). one of the possible values is using a single value. Here's the documentation I found on


When you select this value, you can specify a property to be displayed. To do this, specify the technical name of the property (PROPERTY_NAME) and assign a useful description to it (PROPERTY_CAPTION).

I'd like to know the technical name of Apply Suppression To Rows.

Does anyone know? I didn't find any note or post on that.



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Hi Tomer,

The technical name is ZERO_SUPPRESS_ROWS ( for rows)


In Data Binding of the properties pane , set source as dataprovider

and select ur data provider( ex : DP_1)


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Hello Jeff,

I found this old posting of yours in the forum about setting individual property names (PROPERTY_NAME) in the PROPERTIES web item. I am having the same type of question. You mentioned ZERO_SUPPRESS_ROW, etc. Is there a place where I can see all the valid property names we can use?

Specifically, when you use the Predefined Property Set definition for a Analysis web item, some of the properties displayed in the report include 3 check boxes for "Document Icons" settings. I would like to move those to another area of the report but can't identify them.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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For the object ZERO_SUPPRESS_ROW, the property is ZERO_SUPPRESSION_STATE for which the possible values are NONE, BASED_ON_ALL_DATA_CELLS and BASED_ON_AGGREGATED_DATA_CELLS.