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Properties of characteristic shown in a BEx report

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Hi experts,

I would like to ask for advice regarding to the properties of a characteristic in a BEx report.

The characteristic "Division" do have value "1000" in the InfoCube.

In the BEx report, the characteristic Division is included in the columns.

When executing the information in the Report, what it is shown is "Company / Divsion", for example, "company AAA / 1000".

Users just need to see the Division (value 1000), without the name of the company (as how it is in the InfoCube)

Why it shows the value like that?

What we can do to show just the value of the Divsion without the "company" at the beginning?

Thanks for your time!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Raul,

This topic is discussed several times earlier. Please search the forum on How to hide compounded value, and you'll get several posts/discussions on the same.



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Hi Raul,

As said by Ranga it is showing due the compounding of company and Division info objects

Please refer below thread it will help you



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Thanks guys for your quick answer!

have a nice day ahead!!

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