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Promotion Manager "Automation" or really Self-service

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We have been tasked with creating a process whereby users can migrate their own universes and reports through our environment structure.  The only real requirement that we have at this point is that the users should not use the CMC to access Promotion Management to perform the migrations.

In pursuit of this objective we are attempting to obtain information on this process.  I have the following questions:

1. Has any one attempted to put together something like this?

2. What interface did you use with Business Objects? i.e. .NET SDK, java SDK, WebService, RESTful Webservice

3. What challenges did you run into?

We are presently exploring using a script that utilizes the command line tool lcm_cli.bat, but it has some limitations.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

The basis for this work is to free up our Administrator's time from doing object promotions and focus on making out system run more efficiently by having a utility to allow users to promote their own content.

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Hi John,

This is really a unique scenario. Basically PM is used by the Administrator only for promotion purpose but Delegate Administrator ( Non-Admin ) and also use this. Either Limit the access of the users by following below KBA or as per my knowledge there no other way.

Yes, If you use any external/third party tool may be but in that scenario it will fall out side the support boundary of SAP.

KBA : 1785929 - How to set rights on Promotion Management for a user

KBA : 1712888 - BI 4.0 - Delegated Administration rights for Promotion Management



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You can limit CMC access for set of users, you can just grant Promotion Manager access only in CMC, so that way they will not have access to Servers and other areas.

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Yes, I know that, and I communicated that to my management, but they are insistent that the users not use the CMC to do their promotions.

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Hello John,

In addition to what Jawahar said you can configure and enable Auditing : It allows you to better administer individual user accounts by giving you more insight into what actions users are taken.

Try this with your management, maybe they will change their minds. 

Best regards.


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with the standard features provided by the product you have no chance other then the CMC. You could build an application with the SDK that has its own interface and uses the possibilities of Promotion Management.

But please keep in mind that an SDK application:

1. Is outside the standard features ofthe product

2. Resource intensive to build/maintain

3. Outside of the SAP Support

4. Needs to be reviewed after each code change of the platform (ie. SP installation)

I highly recommend to use the CMC for that requirement. With the CMC Access restrictions you can narrow it down only to the snap- ins you need as already mentioned.