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Project migration

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Hi all,

anybody know if is possible to migrate projects and documents from 7.01 to 7.1?

Thanks in advance.


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you can transport the projects using the menu

Project Transport option which creates a transport request to move the project with documents from one system to another.

so above way you can connect 2 solman systems via route and copy the projects using this transport route track defined by you.

or are you doing something else......?

If you are upgrading it will be there by default only you need to adjust or check the logical component rest will remain as it is because again you will be having it stored in the TR.

hope it helps



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See this document for details!

Cannot find the guide on SAP sites: But these SHOULD be the links --> Media Library --> Technical Papers --> SAP Solution Manager - Content Transfer

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Thanks for both, but I'm asking about content transfer FROM 7.0 TO new the release 7.1

Transport is not an option because we are talking about different versions.

Actually I have a Solman 7.0 where we only use the implementation project scenary and I've to decide to upgrade to 7.1 or install a new instance and migrate the content.

Somebody know if is possible? I didn't find information about that.