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Project Migration from 7.0 to 7.1

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Hi Experts,

We are performing a clean installation of SM7.1. We already have another SM 7.0 instance which will be replaced by this new one (this is not an upgrade project, it's a clean installation).

Is there any way to transport project & documentation created in 7.0?

We tried creating transports request from solar_project_admin, but in the import phase so many warnings appears because versions.

Please advice if its normal, or if exists a workaround.



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Hi Adrian,

The only option for projects is to transport it, but you have to be

careful. The transports of projects, as far as I know will not cause

in problem between the two different solmans because it doesn't changes

anything in the basis component. You have to be careful about any other

content you transfer via transport request between systems in different


The following two notes may be helpful to clarify the risks involved.

1090842 - Composite note: Transport across several releases;

556734 - FAQ Transport: Setup and further information

specialy the question 5:

"5. Are transports possible between systems with different Support

Package versions?"

kind regards, Fabricius

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Hi All,

@Invyctus, you're right. The warnings are viewable in stms (enqueued transport) and are about difference of releases and component versions. Did you tried it before?

@Fabricius. Thanks for the notes. In this case we're moving from sap_basis 7.0 to 7.1. The note says, the transport is posible, but inconsistences can appear.



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Hi All!

Ok, I finally did the import. I checked tables contained in the transport request and they matched with solman 7.1, so I finally imported projects using option ignore component mismatches. So far, it's working ok.

Now, I can say it's possible to migrate project from 7.01 to 7.1 using transport requests.

Thanks all.


Edited by: Adrian Bazzini on Feb 1, 2012 1:33 PM