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Program other way than sub report?

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I have a report :

Order #        CAA PBP  Amt.

123                                100.00


124           CAA              100.0

CAA and PBP is a transcode. Order # has row for 001 main transcode, we are not displaying this code, only the 2 shown on their display column.

I want to do as sub report but that will mess up the excel. how else to get one row per order#ut showing if the order# also has the 2 codes?

If I group on order#, I wont get the ones which has also CAA or PBP. If I group on order and code, it sorts it not the way I want.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Paul,

If you could explain it with data example, i.e. how you want to see the final results, that will help us to provide some solution.



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file A.




FileB.     transcode

123        001

123        CAA

124        001

125        001

125        PBP

Report:       CAA       PBP

123             CAA


125                            PBP

see all get listed as long as they have 001.

Link is on order #.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Paul,

You may try this.

Group by Order#

and put summary_1 count of code where value = 001

put summary_2 count of code where value = CAA

put summary_3 count of code where value = PBP

Make two formulas at Group Header

1) CAA --> if summary1>0 and summary_2>0 then return CAA else ' '

2) PBP --> if summary1>0 and summary_3>0 then return PBP else ' '

then show these two formula beside order#.

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