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Profit Center planning in BPS -- docs?

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Hello BPS Experts,

-- What are the advantages of doing Profit Center Planning in BPS over doing it in R/3 in PCA.

-- Any documents on the profit center planning would be of a great help. Please send them to



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Answers (2)

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Hope this link would be able to provide you some more insight into BPS planning.



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(1)The planning data used in Profit Center Planning in R/3 is largely created in other applications (such as Cost Center Accounting for Overhead & Admins exp, PP for COGS and CO-PA Planning for revenue, etc) and can be supplemented or changed in Profit Center Accounting.

In BW-BPS, it is possible to create independent sales plan or revenue plan, production (or COGS) plan as part of the Profitability (PC) Planning. In a scenario of introduction of new products, SEM-BPS can play a better role than R/3.

(2)Profit center planning in R/3 is part of short-term business planning and thus encompasses a span of one fiscal year. BW-BPS Planning scenarios can be both short-term (12 to 18 months), medium term (3 to 5 yrs) as well as long term planning (7 yrs).

(3) The Profit Center Planning in R/3 seems to be more dependent on transaction based, while BW-BPS is independent (looks something similar to zero based budgetting or planning scenario).

(4) R/3 PC Planning has limited functionality and does not help for complex planning procedure, while BW-BPS has many functionalities (called planning functions) to smoothen the complex planning procedure.

For documentation, please see the SAP Help portal.Under BW-BPS>Planning Applications>Profit Planning, you have a lot of useful information.