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Production system requirements for implementing ESS through Portal

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Hello Everybody,

We are abt to implement Employee Self Service through SAp Enterprise Portal throughout the company.I want to know the specific system and other requirements that have to be considered while designing the system landscape for the Production Environment foor implementing it.The requirements are needed in all terms with respect to Production Environment keeping no of active users in mind.If somebody who has already implemented it guide me with the requirements that are essential as well as the factors that have to be considered inorder to achieve the needful,i shall be very gr8ful and the person shall be rewarded points for helpful answers.If some documents/guides can be send in support for the same on my Email Id <b></b> ,it shall be a gr8 help.Kindly revert at earliest as i need these details urgently.



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This will largely depend on the use and extent of implementation of your portal of course. I doubt anyone here will be able to make specific recommendations based on so little/vague information. Probably your best bet is to use the "Quick Sizer" tool from SAP. If you do not know where/how to use it, your BASIS folks should be able to direct you. Also, refer to the portal sizing documents that can be found on this site too. Some important things to keep in mind...

-will the portal be used for ESS only? (doubtful as others will see it's benefit as well and "want in on the action"...haha....It is best to clearly define your portal strategy up front)

-what exact services of ESS will be utilized? (using just basic personal info admin services versus a weekly timesheet will have a much different impace on load)

-Since you are doing ESS, will you be doing MSS as well? (one kinda leads to the other in many cases)

-will KM be implemented? (a big decision here....even if not implementing it now, you might want to plan for it later)

-what is the version of your backend source system? (versions of R/3 up till 4.7 will have some different requirments than ECC5.0 and up...for example, utlizing internal ITS on newer versions).

-what other applications/sources will utilize the portal? (see point#1 above)

-what will be the expected level of service? what agreements will be made with the business regarding uptime, maintenace, etc.

-how will access be handled? internal and/or external? This will have security implications what will also possibly have architecture considerations as well.

That's off the top of my head. Much more to consider I am sure. Good luck with it.

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Hello Christopher,

Plz give me the details that are needed inorder to give the specific Software and Hardware requirements for ESS on Portal system.If i give u all those details ,will u be able to give me all the factors and specific requirements.Others also plz revert back and suggest.Kindly revert urgently.



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Hi Somya,

First is decide on the installation of EP. If it is on singe server or multi server (distributed installation). The production system can be with 2GB RAM and 100GB HDD for 25 to 50 users. It is better to have 4 GB or 8GB RAM and more than 100GB HDD.

The system landscape will be development, quality and production.

For the software requirement for EP


System requirements

Windows 2003 server

WAS 6.4 Java

EP 6.0 above sp2

IE 6.0


JDK 1.4.9

Cryptographic files



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