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Production Support

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Hi friends, I have some issues please help me, points will be awarded. I am attending an interview.

1>For example BW implementation company "TCS" India is implementing a BW project for a U.S based Client, normally where the production support goes, at the implementing company (TCS) IN India or at the Client`s place in U.S.

2>what is the role of a BW CONSULTANT (2 1/2 years experienced) in all phases of full life cycle (if applicable) please tell me with some examples.

Project Preparation

 Business Blueprint

 Realization

 Final Preparation

 Go Live & Support


4>Give some examples for production support (procedure for handling the tickets and some examples in the mentioned area) for an implementation in the PLANT MAINTENANCE business area (client was SHELL).

5>If possible give me some behavioral questions with answers (situations in team environment which is linked with a technical issue), because i am attending the interview in Australia, here they are asking behavioral questions.

Points will be awarded.

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hi neelima,

1. Suppose a company has done implementation its not mandatory that the same company should do support also. There is a client known as dupond which is US based client the implementation of the project has done by accenture, now the support is doing by satyam in India.

There at the onsite some professionals from satyam will be there and act as a mediators to the client as well as the company.

The implementation and support can also be done by the same company as well. In our project the implementation and support is done by the same company.

2. If u are a Technical consultant and depends upon on the project whether it is implementation or support.

In implementation:

U r task will be to create customized objects if necessary or if u are using the Business content objects install the business content and customize the objects according to ur requirements.

Infocube design and the ODS object design in data modeling.

u can say tthat u are the owner of 1 cluster if u want i am having one data flow design of PM of the shell project.

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Hai neelima

ASAP Methodology

Five Phases of ASAP methodlogy.

Phase 1: Project Preparation - The purpose of this phase is to provide initial planning and preparation for your SAP project.

Phase 2: Business Blueprint - The purpose of this phase is to achieve a common understanding of how the company intends to run its business within the SAP System. The result is the Business Blueprint, a detailed documentation of the results gathered during requirements workshops. The Business Blueprint document represents the business process requirements of the company. It is the agreed statement of how the company intends to run its business within the SAP System.

Phase 3: Realization - The purpose of this phase is to implement all the business process requirements based on the Business Blueprint. The system configuration methodology is provided in two work packages: Baseline (major scope); and Final configuration (remaining scope).

Phase 4: Final Preparation - The purpose of this phase is to complete the final preparation (including testing, end user training, system management and cutover activities) to finalize your readiness to go live. The Final Preparation phase also serves to resolve all critical open issues. On successful completion of this phase, you are ready to run your business in your live SAP System.

Phase 5: Go Live & Support - The purpose of this phase is to move from a project-oriented, pre-production environment to live production operation.

2>SAP issues/Tickets are nothing but problems or issues raised by the end customer in a company where end users are running SAP project. Once the SAP project is implemented, support phase begins. Support team is responsible for solving the tickets/issues in day-to-day business.

For any support project, customer will set up Help Desk. If any problem occurs customer will call Help Desk and register the issue/Ticket.

Different Companies use different software products to manage Issues/Tickets.

These are not issued by SAP, these are third party tools.

For ex-we have vantine,SIMS,Citrix,HPopenview,Control-M etc.

- Every user will be provided with user name and password to enter into the tool

- We can see the tickets assigned for a particular user name.

- You can list all open tickets by giving the Date Range

- You can list all closed tickets by giving the Date Range

- You can list out all the open tickets assigned for an User

- You can list out all the closed tickets assigned for an User

- You can see the description of the Ticket, by entering the Ticket Number. You can see who had raised the Ticket, what is the problem.

What is the severity of the Ticket?

There are lot many other attributes like you can transfer the Ticket to another user etc.

According to SLA(Service level agrement) severitys are decided.


Priority/Severity 1 problem tickets should be solved in 8 hours.

P/S- 2 problem ticket should be solved in 16 hours.

P/S- 3 problem ticket should be solved in 15 working days.

P/S- 4 problem ticket should be solved in 30 working days.

Some of the Issues we get in Production support are ....

-Idoc missing error

-source sys asking for replication of DS.


-dead Locks

-Special char.

-Extraction jobs aborted.

-Table space errors.

-RFC connection lost.

-ODS Activation failure

-ALEREMOTE loacked by the user.

these are some of the errors and small descp about tickest and sevearity.

hope this helps....

Asign points if helpfull

Update ur mail id i'll send u some docs reg ur questions



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Hi Neelima,

1. It depends upon the client requirement , but in most of the cases offshore support will be done , at client place, some BW consultants will enagage the things.

2. Infact, Realization is the phase , where the need of BW consultant comes in to the picture.Here they maintain and activate the objects and other things.Here in realization phase unit test will be done . In final preparation integration testing will be done . Then production will be started and support comes into the picture.

3.There are some data sources about plant maintainance in LBWE transaction. you can go through it. and regarding other objects, like ods,cubes u check in the metadata repository.

4.For handling tickets, we have ticketing tools, these tools are thirdy party tools, this is specific to each company. Generally we have

a) High priority tickets

b) low priority tickets

c) Top priority tickets and d) medium priority tickets

and we have production support issues like

1. sid missing

2. trfc error

3. idoc missing

4 short dump

5. process over due

6. creation of indexes went wrong

7. source system error

8. replication problems

9. master data activation problems etc.,

5. Ya these questions are like , how is your interaction with your team members, client,project manager, team lead etc.,

I hope u got the answer, but I have seen this very lately.


Ravi Alakuntla.