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Product Long Text for Different Text Types

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We have requirement to Store long text description associated with the Product for multiple text types such as WEB, PRINT etc.

Text type will be qualifier and depending upon text type, long text will be populated. Both fields Text type and long Text will be multilingual fields. Our Interface transfer Long Text field values in multiple languages with text type ID along with other Product information.

Now Problem is long text field can be more than 333 characters in Source system and we cannot use MDM Field Type u201Ctextu201D to for this field, as this field type has restriction of 333 characters length. If we use u201CText Largeu201D field type for Long text, it is always set as non qualifier and non display field and doesnu2019t allow us to change its properties to Qualifier and display field.

If we make long text field as non qualifier then we are not able populate data in multiple languages for long text field along with other Product Main table Fields. Also as per MDM design, Non qualifiers are always populated first before importing Main table data, which is not possible in our case for Long Text field, as this field value will come along with Product data. Because of these reasons we are not willing to use field type u201CText largeu201D for Long text. Or the only option left is to create multiple fields in Main table for each text types.

Please can you suggest is there any way by what we can achieve this requirement.



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Hi Shiv,

You can try for Lookup instead of using Text Large. Though it will allow you to store more than 333 characters and you can set it as a Qualifier but with 2 limitations.

1. It cannot be Multilingual

2. You cannot set this as a Display field.

For 1, you can create a lookup table and store the values as languages then while importing you need to select the language as well. This will create the separate qualified records for all the languages.

For 2, i dont think Display field in Qualified table has major impact.


Jitesh Talreja