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Produciton problem :SEM BPS planning folders/variables

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Can someone please justify how could this happen?

I've a variable ZVAR of Replacement Type "User-Specific Values" & with properties "Restriction of values required by User" & "Input Allowed by user".

I've included this variable in 2 different planning folders.

when one of user executed folder1, we see strange results.

ZVAR is not visible in the header fields of the folder. (ofcourse when clicked on layout button, it's asking to input as per its definition: Restriction of values required by User) Problem is that this user can't input for ZVAR in the header fields before actually going into layout by clicking on the button.

All other users could see ZVAR in the header fields of the folder.

I double checked that this particular user has all access needed.

Finally, I logged in with his user ID & when I executed folder1, even I couldn't see ZVAR in the header fields of folder1.

as a test, I executed folder2 with his user ID & I could see ZVAR in the header fields of the folder2.

Am i correct with following assumptions?

with his user ID, as ZVAR is visible in folder2, I don't expect any access restrictions on planning cubes/variables.

We don't have planning profiles so I don't expect any access restricitons with planning folders.

planning folders are not web enabled.

Could someone share your ideas.

Appreciate your quick help.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi IPBWSEM (is that your name? lol. you might want to update your SDN profile)

BPS remembers the screen settings of the variable area for each user. The user probably has collapsed the area or accidentally set the column width/row hight to zero i.e. hidding the variable. Try to position the mouse cursor on the border of this screen area and check if you can open it up again.



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Hi Marc,

thanks for your reply.

I don't want to get publicity so am just using some name.


I doublechecked again and i don't see any thing else.

the area is not collapsed.

also please note that, I've 5 variables in folder1 & that I can see one of these 5 variables but not the other 4 variables.

ZVAR is one of the 4 variables that is not being visible.

Same 5 variables are visible in folder2.

hope it is clear.

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