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Process steps sequence & process diagram

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Hi All,

I'm new to the BPMON and I work on solman technical areas and no exposure on functional area. I have few questions about the BPMON setup and solution documentation.

Is it necessary to define the process steps in sequence for a process. For eg :

Process : E2E_OTC_Sale-from-Stock (CHARM-Development) .

The process steps defined under the above process are:

These are defined by default in solution documentation by SAP. I'm not sure if the below shown steps are in sequence steps for the above process.

Because, I was trying to create a process, based on the business flow diagram received from our function team. I created the process diagram with the sequential steps mentioned as in business flow diagram sent by our functional team. But when I checked in solution documentation browser (in below page , for the process that I created), I see that the process steps are not in sequence when compared to the process diagram I have created for my process (eg: New Folder).

Is it necessary to define the process steps in sequence in the browser? If yes, how do move the positions of process steps as I'm not able to do it.

Is there any relation between the process diagram and process steps?

In what scenarios, the type "Transaction , Process <Link>,Document (best practice), collaboration Diagram... below shown) will be used.

I couldn't find any information on the below tppic. Please help to provide the wiki / KBA/ your inputs.



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Hello satish.kumar166

Yes there is a direct relationship between Process diagrams and Process steps. If you have defined your Process steps first, while creating process diagrams these process steps gets listed out automatically in the sequence it was created under the Process. If you want to add a new process step in the diagram, it will automatically update the Process step hierarchy. So the sorting of process steps can be either in the sequence of creation or in the sequence of how the business executes these process steps in real time. Kindly don't get worried much on this. Next, the configuration option you have highlighted from Menu option. This will be used in case if you or your functional team wanted to assign a SPRO configuration item to the respective Business process.

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