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Process Management API: Deletion of Objects

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Using Branch Content Importer API we would like to delete some elements from SolMan.

The documentation states that "Elements to be deleted shall be explicitly flagged." (see:

We see that in nodes content there is a property "deleted" which by default is an empty string. We assumed that this property is used to flag elements which should be deleted but unfortunately when we change its value to "true" for element which we want to delete such node is just ignored during import - it is not deleted, it is not updated when changed attribute is also passed and it is not created when such node is not existing in SolMan. There are no errors in such case.

Could you please let us know if it is a correct flag to mark such element for deletion and if there are any additional conditions that needs to be met in imported content in order to delete existing element?

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Did you try to flag the deleted property with X instead of true?