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Process Integration Scenario not getting connections between same SAP systems

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Hi PI Experts, We are upgrading TM version in our landscape along with migrating the TM interfaces to SAP PO 7.5 from SAP PI 7.1.So we are creating Iflows in SAP PO related to all the TM interfaces which are currently running in SAP PI7.1.Basis Team have imported the standard TM software component version on our PO server." We are using "Process Integration Scenario" option to create all the Iflows in one go as Process Integration Scenarios are provided by SAP along with the TM version to create Iflows. But while creating Iflows using the "Process Integration Scenario" , we are not getting the connections between same systems. For example in our existing system (SAP PI 7.1), there is a flow from SAP ECC to SAP ECC but while creating Iflows using "Process Integration Scenario" in SAP PO7.5 , we are not getting any such connection. Request you all to help with urgency. Thanks in advance.

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