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Process Deployment Hangs

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I am trying to deploy a process dc into my BPM server. The problem is that, it starts deploying but never finished with an error or success message. Eventhough I stopped the deployment request, nothing is happening, it just hangs within NWDS.

I thought it was due to a locking situation therefore I cleared some of the locks regarding my process and ui dc but unfortunately nothing happened. When I checked the traces, there were nothing except some info and warning messages which are about the removal of temp sc files.

Anybody faced with the same situation or any ideas about those?

Thank you,


BTW I am on CE 7.2 SP4

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Baris,

I experienced something similar when i upgraded to SP4 (Windows server & MaxDB) - it looks like the DC never deploys but it just takes very long time. Try undeploying and then deloying again. When the deployment is running, check your processes via task manager. Is 'kernel.exe' taking about 20-30% of the resources? If so, an upgrade to the latest MaxDB patch resolved the problem for me.



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Hi Oliver, thanks for your reply.

In my case it is different, my database is SQL Server.

However I have found the solution by myself. The problem was the Norton Antivirus Software deployed on the server because of the domain policies.

Removed Norton and restarted. Now everything is fine.

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